Wednesday, October 21, 2009

School Fun

One day I went to school and played on the playground, but I did not have fun. I tried this swingy slide. We made good, fun, excellent projects. And I finally, finally found out that Nikki was coming. It made me so excited that I jumped up and down until the bell rang. And the teacher told us the rules. And she taught us math. After snack we did the calendar then it was lunch time and me and my friends ate together in the cafeteria at lunch.

After school we did journals and drew whatever we wanted. I drew a heart helicopter and then after all school was done I walked back from school with my dad and then once we got home we went to the post office to drop something off that I don't even have a clue of, and then me and my dad went to go watch a movie, and we had popcorn and an Icee and we were the only ones at the movie theatre. And we had licorice.

I love dad.

Dad rocks.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Flower Grow

Once was a flower that growed and growed. She said, "I would like to be smaller like other flowers."

A little girl came by and said, "I can help you with that."

She growed a little leaf on her leg, and she said, "That means you are going to get smaller. What about I pick you and you can go ice skating with me?"

The flower went ice skating with the little girl. She saw a lot of little flowers there.

The little girl said, "I can help you be little. I can pick off your stem and you will be little."

The flower had dinner with the little girl. The little girl had roast beef and milk. The little flower had water and sun. They went to sleep.

The next morning they brushed their teeth, and the little girl said to her parents, "I would like my little flower to come with us." She told the little flower, "I would like you to come live with us."

The little flower said, "Yes I would be delighted to live with you. I never had a people family."

They had lunch.

The little girl had Velveeta. The little flower had sun and water. They had an afternoon snack, and the little flower had a great time. The little flower went to sleep with a pink bow in her hair.