Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snow Day

Santa with all his elves, for breakfast he had some pancakes. And the elves gave him hot chocolate and a bracelet with teeth on it. And then all the other elves gave Santa a bracelet of skulls. Santa was watching a movie about himself.

Purple Sky

Once was a purple Christmas tree in a purple land and everything was purple. But once was a girl and a boy named Doug and Nikki and they skated around the purple, purple, purple Christmas tree. And they finally got tired of it and said, "We need a purple Slurpee." But something was weird. Their faces started turning purple and then everything started to be purple. And there was no other colors.

Their planet went up to another planet and it keeps turning weirder and purpler. And then the boy and the girl kept ice skating around the Christmas tree. The grass was even purple.