Monday, May 18, 2009

My Favorite Television Show

My favorite television is ... has to be ... iCarly. Click here to go to their web page.

There's three kids. One is a boy, and two are girls. iCarly and her friends do a web show. iCarly has a brother. Their names are Spencer, Carly's brother; Sam, Carly's friend; and Freddy, Carly's friend.

They live in a big, humongous apartment, and so do Carly's brother and friends.


  1. I've never seen this show, but it sounds very exciting!

  2. ewwwww. Sorry Asia, we're more into Spongebob and Dora.

  3. What channel can you watch iCarly?

    Do you think Jaden is too young for this show?

    Thanks for telling me about this show, I have never watched it, but after reading your blog, I almost feel like I have?

  4. You can watch it on 47. Jaden is not really too young for it.