Monday, February 28, 2011

tv and dad

I like watching TV with my Dad. We watch funny stuff. We watched the Academy Awards about movies. I really liked it. It was fun. I knew most of the things that would win, but I didn't think the guy with bunchy hair would win. He said, "I need a haircut." I thought that was funny. Me and my Dad laughed so hard when he said that. Alice in Wonderland -- I have that movie. For best clothing. I really liked the movie. I recognized some of the people. On TV now I see the people I recognized. One of them was from Freaks and Geeks. The girl was from The Princess Diaries I think. All of the girls had beautiful gowns. I really liked the girl from The Princess Diaries. When we turned it on. She said one of the best parts to say who won first was waving your dress. It was funny.

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  1. I loved watching it with you, too, Monkey Butt!